Play With Booze: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Drinks…errr Secrets

Drink once every time:

You find yourself questioning whether or not there are actual lenses in Harry’s glasses

Dobby cries

Dobby makes you cry

The burrow is your house-goals

Mrs. Weasley switches moods between her children and Harry faster than Apple releases a new iPhone

There are transportation issues

Lockhart’s hair and/or incompetence and/or boasting is too Trump-y

Someone/thing gets petrified

The Whomping Willow gives zero fucks

Filch is inappropriately terrifying as far as school staff goes

Ron’s broken wand causes problems

Malfoy needs his filthy mouth washed out with soap

You love Hagrid so fucking much it hurts

Moaning Myrtle…um…moans.

Fawkes makes you smile big

Even though you know they’re spiked, you still want to eat the cupcakes

Hermione, you brilliant bitch

When the diary causes more problems than your LiveJournal from junior year

Seriously, why are wizard pajamas so much better than muggle pajamas?

You’re low-key attracted to young Voldemort and are fully aware of what that means regarding your taste in men

Minerva’s hats and bonnets got you feeling some kinda way

You wanna snip-snip Lucius’s hair


A rule is broken

Spiders, slugs, or snekssss

Ron gets scared

Dobby hurts himself

Play with booze: Serenity (Super Sloppy Edition)

Drink every time:

They say "Alliance"

Serenity is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen

They're probably all going to die

River creeps you out, but in, like, a really cool way

Kaylee "flirts" terribly and it's uncomfortably relatable

You love Wash

You realize Captain is both brains AND dreamy dreamy brawn

A reaver gives you a "nightmare eve" (when something gives you the heebie jeebies so much that you know you'll be having nightmares about them soon enough.  Nightmare eve.)

Drink two times:

When The Operative swords Dr. Mathias like a teeny tiny "this is a good death" peasant

Drink three times:

When Captain delivers his "I aim to Misbehave" speech and it makes you weep like an infant child

When River whispers "Miranda" and then kicks maj ass

Take a shot:

When Wash's last "leaf on the wind" is interrupted. Then pause the movie and take as long as you need. (Forever) ((Drink as much as you'd like before you hit Play again)) (((An entire bottle of wine is acceptable/encouraged.)))

"My turn." … we need to say more here?