Top Five Fandom Fashion Flops

There aren't many things we love more than a well-executed alliteration...but one of them is the top notch costumery (did we make up that word? Don't look it up, nerd.) in our favorite fandoms. However, there's been a time or two (or five) where the costume designers must have had to come in early on a Monday and decided to take it out on the rest of us.

Here are the five that hurt the worst:

5. Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor

9th doctor.jpg

He looks fine if you're into the whole creepy-uncle-going-through-his-third-divorce look... but in a universe full of high-waisty plaid plants and floor-length rainbow scarves, we couldn't help but be disappointed by the oversized leather jacket & purple baby V tee. The only thing missing from his I'm-a-cool-dad aesthetic is a hoop earring and a case of Natty Light. 


4. Hunger Games: Peeta

We're just going to say this... if you're going to take less concern in touching up the "natural blonde character"'s roots than we do with getting to work on time, then just make the character a brunette. 




3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Xander


Ohhhh Xander. We could get behind the eye patch. We could (sort of) get behind the oversized Tommy Bahama shirts that were always unbuttoned >1 too many. What we just can't let go of (Jack) is his collection of necklaces. Yes, plural. The chains, the charms, the puka-shells, it's too much! And they're almost all chokers...Jordan Catalano you are not, Sir.  




2. The X-Files (photo shoot): Fox Mulder

X Files.jpg

Let us be clear....the show never missed the mark. The suits, the other suits, the bloody suits, the torn suits, the lab coats (doctor suits), the pajama suits: The X-Files was always on point. They might not have made everyone believe in aliens, but they didn't have a hard time making everyone believe in Fashion with a capital F. Now, let's talk about the David LaChapelle photos... The entire shoot features David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and Pleather. How much pleather? All of the pleather. The worst, though? The pink and red ensemble with the black gonna-tickle-you gloves. They're like if Ross's pants had a baby with a body bag. 


1. Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire: Just everyone.

We're pretty certain that the main thing everyone remembers about GoF is the shag. No one was exempt from it, not even Mad-Eye Moody or Cedric Diggory (though his was more of a shag shrug). BEFORE YOU SAY that it's "a result of the times", let us remind you that Prisoner of Azkaban came out only one year prior and everyone looked perfectly respectable. Was there a British Barber strike during filming? Or was the hair-and-makeup team really feeling those derelict-Ashton-Kutcher vibes?

Goblet of Fire.jpg