Homemade Bath (da) Bombs

We like baths and we like things that smell good and we like pretty things and we like not spending a ton of money.  

Cue these DIY Bath Bombs!

There are a million different recipes with a million different instructions on Pinterest on how to make these.  Let us impart our knowledge on to you based on what we've learned in our quest to make good-smelling, pretty, cheap, bath-time things.


1 cup baking soda

1/2 cup citric acid

1/2 cup Epsom salts

1 tsp. water

2 tsp. essential oils

3 tsp. olive oil

food coloring

bath bomb mold

1 bottle red wine


masking tape

What to do:

Mix the baking soda, epsom salts, and citric acid together in a large bowl.  Mix the essential oils, olive oil, and water in a separate container.  We wanted to use two different colors, so we separated the dry mixture and wet mixture into two bowls each (4 total). Add food coloring to your wet mixture(s).  The more drops you use, the darker the color is going to be.  Then add this wet color mixture to your dry ingredients spoonfuls at a time.  Whisk the dry mixture thoroughly as you're adding the wet mixture.  Drink red wine through straw as your hands will be busy whisking/spooning.  

Once you have your dry and wet ingredients mixed in two separate bowls (or 3 or 4 depending how rainbow-tastic you want these bath bombs), take your bath bomb molds and fill them.  


Do not let Hobby Lobby tell you they don't have them.  We used these clear plastic ornament-maker things that are very easy to miss and you may walk past them twelve times before realizing they are there.  Keep asking employees where they are until you find one that knows what's up.  They do have them.  

We layered the mixtures in fun ways.  We even got some flowers and sprinkled petals in the plastic mold before filling them.  Once both sides of the bath bomb mold/ornament maker are filled, join them together.  This should make about two bath bombs depending how large of an ornament-maker you get.  

What not to do:

DO NOT over-fill either side.  In fact, leave a little space on both halves.  THIS MIXTURE EXPANDS. Like…really expands.  It expands big.  And then it keeps expanding.  One might even say these bombs like to…explode.  Once both sides are conjoined, use your masking tape to wrap it and wrap it good.  It may act like it wants to come apart.  Don't let it.  


Make a nest for your new baby mold.  We used a bowl with a towel inside to keep our ever-expanding (and expanding and expanding) bomb from fleeing.


Let these babies dry overnight.  Once 24 hours have passed, they are ready to be used.  It may be hard to open the mold, but when you do, it's worth it.  


Twist, don't pull.


We will definitely make these bath bombs again.  They create a delicious bath time environment, and make you smell like a kween.  Plus your inner 9-year-old will love watching them fizzle when you first put them in the water.