Play like you're young (even when you're really...really not).

Let someone dangerous in for tea. Make small signs that say ‘yes’ and spread them all over your house. Become a friend of freedom and uncertainty. Take a lot of naps. Dream wild, imaginative dreams. Draw on walls. Read everyday. Imagine you are enchanted. Giggle with children. Listen to old people. Be free. Praise yourself. Let go of fear. Play with everything. Preserve the child in you.
— Joseph Beuys

We believe in magic, and there's nothing more magical than being 10 when you're actually 30. Let go of your anxieties and inhibitions, put on your play clothes, and get back to the basics. Here's how: 

Bubbles: Take a bottle of them with you everywhere you go. (Seal tightly.) Stepped in gum? Just got a divorce? Blow some bubbles. All better.

Play dress-up: If/when anyone tells you that you're too old to play dress-up, tell them they're wrong. You don't need a new hobby, you need new friends. Hoard ALL Halloween costumes. There will come a day when you really want to revisit that time you were Bill Nye the Science Guy. What are you going to do, buy a new lab coat?  Nah. 

Kiddie pool: Sit in a kiddie pool. It's exactly the same as when you were a kid, but this time you'll have a pitcher of margaritas with you. 

Climb a tree: Sure, now if you were to break your arm, it will take three times as long to heal, but at least it will get you out of work for a few days. You'll get the exhilaration of climbing a tree, plus the added bonus of telling people you broke your arm climbing a tree.

Find your nearest fair/carnival/theme park/freak show: Ride every single ride except for that stupid spinning spaceship one that makes you feel like you're going to vom. Don't feel weird about standing in line behind small children to get your face painted. You deserve to be a beautiful tiger/mermaid hybrid just as much as the 4 year old in front of you. 

Throw themed parties: Ever wanted to know what it felt like to live in The Shire? This is your chance. Transform your house into Middle Earth. Have a hallway? No you don't. You have the Bridge of Kazad-Dum. Have a kitchen? Negative. That's the Great Hall inside the Last Homely House. Have a closet? Ummmmm...pretty sure you should avoid it because that's Shelob's Lair.  

Find your city's top haunted locations: Remember when "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" was so scary, you couldn't watch it without your mom? Let's take it up a notch. You'll get the same rush of adrenaline that you did when you heard that creaking swing in the opening credits, only you'll get the added terror of real-life ghost meet-and-greets. Because, you're smarter now.  

Go roller skating: Do it around your house or go to an actual rink. We've done both! Maybe avoid the lock-ins though....those are frowned upon if you're not accompanied by a child.

Look to the stars: The first magic you found as a child was in space. Have a late night picnic in your backyard, drive out into the country, or climb on to your roof. Wish on a star, look for falling ones, name constellations. And if you live in a city where it's impossible to see the stars, make your own.